Chipotle pork Gyoza & teriyaki glaze



And her dumplings were so light they would float in the air and you’d have to catch ‘em to eat ‘em.

– Fannie Flag

Making gyoza is definitely not fast, but seeing them all fluffy and ready on your table is a wonderful sensation! That’s why after having a crave attack for this classic dish we decided to make them on a Sunday morning. This dish in particular is a great weekend recipe to try since one has more spare time and you can freeze these beauties for up to two months with no problems.

This classic japanese dish has many variations and all equally as delicious. However after a quick search on google for base recipes for Gyoza dough we realized that the public used different words for it and sometimes they would even call them dumplings. So we asked ourselves, what is the difference between gyoza and…

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